Kratom is undoubtedly becoming an ideal alternative herbal substitute. It is known as Mitragyna speciosa in scientific terms and is a leaf extract of a tree belong to the Rubiaceae. Among diverse ways of preparing Kratom products, extraction is a popular one. Kratom extracts are Kratom products that provide extra strength and effects.

There are several types of Kratom extracts based on the strength they provide. These include 15x, 10x, 50x and so forth. Among these types, 15x serves as a standard extract. It is dry and has an excellent appearance just like a talc powder. The fineness in texture puts it to use in any way, either by mixing in some beverage or by putting it in gel capsules.

To know how effective and useful 15x Kratom extract, it is important to know its manufacturing, effects and dosage plan.

What is a 15x Kratom?

Kratom 15x extracts a strong form of Kratom. It is so powerful that only a half gram of it can induce visible effects in a body. What makes it superior to any other product is that it has an excellent texture and can mix in any solvent.

A Kratom extract requires crushing of Kratom leaves after which they are subjected to boiling water. After some time, the water wears off leaving behind a sticky and thick substance, otherwise known as a resin.

Resin stands for a while and solidifies into a hard substance which is ground to form a powder. This powder is known as a 15x Kratom extract.

What does “x” in “15x” stands for?

While naming a Kratom extract, numbers are paired with X to denote the weight of the leaves used in making one gram of a extract. In the case of 15x, it implies that 15 grams of leaves were utilized to produce one gram of this extract. The number signifies the potency and the effectiveness of an extract which is always greater than the powdered form.

Effects of 15x Kratom extract

As little as half a gram of 15x Kratom extract can produce sufficient effects in the body. The effects usually begin to appear between 5 to 15 minutes of ingesting the extract. The effects can be both stimulating and sedating and can sustain for many hours.

It’s broadly utilized in therapeutic doses as a painkiller, mood-booster, and assisting individuals suffering from opiate withdrawal. Following are some of the most commonly observed effects of 15x Kratom extracts.

  • Stimulation

15x Kratom extract can stimulate the pain at smaller doses. The mind gets bright and can think properly without any hindrance. The extract is also capable of inducing a state of euphoria or being high in a body eventually after taking it. 15x extract provides boundless energy and decreases the level of fatigue. It produces a powerful desire to work and increases the overall happiness level.

  • Sedation

Sedation is another important effect of the 15x extract. For achieving a sedative state of mind, a larger dose is needed. It can put a mind to sleep and an even cure certain disorders related to sleep, such as insomnia.

  • Pain Alleviation

One of the most acknowledged effects of the 15x extract is to relieve pain, in a comparable manner to that of opiates.

Mixing one gram of 15x extract in a glass of water can provide sleep-inducing effects to the body. These effects can last for about four to eight hours and can relieve all the chronic as well as acute forms of pain. It can also treat several disorders related to the stomach.

  • Opiate Withdrawal

Just like any other Kratom product, 15x extracts can also treat the condition of opiate withdrawal. Using it can ease the symptoms and reduce the chances of relapse, making it comfortable for the addicts to pass through.

Dosage scheme of 15x extract

The dosage scheme of 15x Kratom extract must be regulated in a careful way to ensure that the effects are bearable and do not convert into side effects. Because 1 gram of 15x Kratom extract is equal to 15 grams of dried Kratom leaves, it is advisable to start consuming this product from a minimum possible dose.

The usage must always begin by consuming 0.5 to 1 gram of this extract. The dosage should gradually increase with time.

In most of the cases, one gram of 15x extract is consumed which can later be topped up by consuming 0.5 grams more. If the effects do not appear after taking one gram, the dose must increase to 2 grams.

Some users suggest that the real effect of 15x extract occurs after taking 3 grams and the dose can increase up to 6 grams. Below this dosage, everything that happens in the body is a placebo effect.

Nevertheless, it is always safe to start with a small dose and work all the way up because the chemistry of everybody is different. Additionally, extracts are potent and can cause the development of tolerance on using considerable amounts.

Users reviews of 15x Kratom Extract

The reviews regarding 15x Kratom extracts are diverse and reflect how efficient it is in working.

One of the users mentioned that it took 2 grams of 15x extract to work for him. The extract caused his mind to stimulate in a manner like that of coffee.

Another user mentioned that 15x Kratom extracts are strong but there must be 48 hours to deal with its strong effects.

In general, users have found Kratom 15x extract as a strong product, the effects of which kick in very shortly in the body.

For this very reason, they have also advised being careful while taking a dose of any 15x extract as it can be much strong for most of the people.

It has also been advised to mix some regular Kratom powder in these extracts to reduce the potency.

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